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BIO-Products take their origin directly from the ground. The earth is treated with gentle methods and without any application of chemistry. After all, healthy soil gives not only a good harvest, but also immunity to plants for pest control. When sowing, only special BIO seeds should be used, which did not undergo any synthetic or chemical treatments. In the process of cultivation, the use of artificial fertilizers - pesticides (herbicides and insecticides), genetically modified components, mineral fertilizers, is strictly excluded. Agricultural chemistry is practically not "utilized" by nature. Cultivation of organic products is carried out only by traditional methods. To increase their productivity, fields and lands are fertilized with animal manure from bio-farms,   with compost, reaping residues, and siderites, etc.

In the production and processing of organic products labeled with BIO or Organic, the use of food chemistry - dyes, flavors, preservatives, antioxidants, thickeners, various preservatives, antioxidants, flavors, stabilizers, flavor enhancers and other artificial additives is prohibited. It is forbidden to use chemical methods of processing, in particular refining and hydrogenation of fats. All this causes irreparable damage to health. Ecological products with the BIO brand, Organic or Eco are necessarily certified. Cereals grown in nutrient soil contain an average of 10-50% more vitamins, minerals and other nutrients compared to products manufactured using modern technology. Eco-friendly products (Organic, BIO) improve health, boost the immune system. Changing the food ration to bio products increases the number of protective immune cells in the human blood, which means that it will be easier for the body to cope with viral infections. The use of BIO products during pregnancy improves the quality of breast milk. There are  more valuable omega-3 fatty acids and unsaturated fatty acids in the milk of the women that eat more BIO products. And the less pesticides were found in the breast milk, the greater the percentage of bio-food was in the ration of a young mother.

In 2003, the Non-Commercial Partnership translated into Russian, for the Development of Ecological and Biodynamic Agriculture, the eco-standards of the main target markets for ecological products : the EU, the United States and Japan, after which a strategy was developed for building the legal and regulatory framework for environmental and biodynamic agriculture and Nature management in the Russian Federation. A working group "Legislative and regulatory framework" was established and direct work was started. In 2004, NP "Agrosofiya" developed the Draft Technical Regulation "On Ecological Agriculture, Ecological Management and Ecological Labeling," equivalent and fully harmonized with the Eco-Standards of the European Union [15], which, in accordance with the Law on Technical Regulation, was in the public discussion stage from May 2004 to August 2005. Currently, this Project is the Organization Standard (NP "Agrosofiya") and is a document that normalizes production, processing and circulation of ecological products in Russia in accordance with international experience and requirements, according to which at present Russian bio-producers conduct production and are certified for the Bio-market of the Russian Federation, whose turnover, by various estimates in 2009, amounted to 60-70 million, and in 2012 - about 150 million, and continues to grow dynamically.

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