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Agriculture on the basis of the concept of sustainable development, dynamically built into the existing ecosystem, without disrupting its harmonious functioning, preserving nature and providing the population with quality food products, is understood under the term ‘ecological agriculture’. Ecological agriculture is conducted on the basis of IFOAM standards, monitoring of land areas, and monitoring MPC of harmful substances in the products. Control over compliance with production regulations requires fundamental control at all stages of production and sale. All our products are of high quality, and since 2010 our enterprise has been certified according to the system of voluntary certification of ecological and biodynamic management – BIO, by NP "AGROSOPHYA".

We have eco-friendly products of our own production from crops grown by us, such as polba (spelt), rye, bare oats, red lentils and green lentils. In our plans is to cultivate other useful crops. For the production of our clean, organic food we have created a unique technology for growing plants and subsequent processing. From them we produce cereals and whole-grain flour. And from 2015 we organized the production of a grain bread without flour - "TONUS" from whole germinated grain grown without chemical fertilizers, without pesticides, herbicides and insecticides. In addition to bread, we also produce bio-rusks from rye, spelt and polba, also without the addition of various chemicals, but with the content of fruits, seeds and healthy herbs.

To promote our safe, ecologically clean products, the “BIO hutor Petrovsky” brand was created.

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