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Oats are the ‘gold mine’ of vitamins, macro- and micro elements. They contain iron, silicon, iodine, zinc, copper and manganese. They also contain a large amount of potassium, sodium, phosphorus, magnium and calcium. The ingredients include such vitamins as: B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B9, A, PP, beta-carotin, E, H, cholin. The grain also contains thiamine ,useful fats for the organism, and a large amount of soluble vegetable cellulose-tissues, that are valuable for their help in the good functioning of the intestines. Due to this, the grain is an indispensable product.


If you begin your morning with a stirabout (an oatmeal porridge),you can be be sure to have a good mood,a charge of energy and peppiness for the whole day, and as well get rid of digestive problems. The use of oats in any form (as a bran, or a broth) helps to avoid drowsiness, general prostration and  atherosclerosis. And the silicone contained in the grain, helps to retain strong bones, boost the immunity system and strengthen the blood vessels. Due to potassium , the acid-alkaline balance of the blood will be fine, and the functioning of the kidneys and heart will stabilize. The medicinal properties of oats are used in the treatment of impotency and infertility. Science research has proven   the healthiness of the use of  the cellulose, contained in the grains of this cereal (lowers the level of cholesterol, reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, normalizes blood pressure). It is highly recommended for diabetics, for its ability to not only lower the bloods sugar level, but also reduce  swelling by drawing out excess fluid. Slightly sprouted oats, that are low in calories and with an increased content of vitamins, are especially healthy.


To germinate and prepare delicious cereals
Degree of germination: 97%


Ingredients: grain of oats
Net weight: 300 grams

Nutritional information per 100 g:
Energy value - 316kcal
Proteins - 10 g
Fats - 6.2 g
Carbohydrates - 55.1 g
Cholesterol - 0 mg
Sodium - 2 mg
Potassium - 429 mg
Calcium 54 mg
Iron - 4.7 mg
Magnesium 177 mg
Vitamin B6 - 0.1 mg
Shelf life: 12 months


Certified "Eco-Control", RU-BIO-001, for compliance with eco-standards STO "Agrosofiya"


Transport packaging:
Gross weight - 12.5 kg
Dimensions - 26,5 / 45/21
The volume is 0.024 m3
Number of packages - 36 pieces of 300 grams 

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