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Green peas have a mass of positive characteristics and medicinal properties. In addition to vitamins A, B1, B2, C, E, PP, macro- and micro- nutrients such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, iodine, iron, peas also contain starch, mineral salts, proteins, rich in antioxidants.


The composition of the product has a beneficial effect on the entire body, so it is increasingly recommended for the treatment of cardiovascular disease, kidney failure, with liver problems. The use of peas for the prevention and treatment of anemia is very effective . Nutritionists recommend to include in the diet dishes with peas to restore the process of metabolism and digestion for obesity.


Thanks to the nicotinic acid contained in peas, the blood levels of cholesterol stabilize, the probability of malignant tumors decreases. Fiber, in which peas are  so rich in, helps to cleanse the body of toxins.
Eating young green peas helps to remove parasites from the body, and also get rid of excess fluid.
For medicinal purposes pea flour is also used, the poultices of which are useful for abscesses, furuncles and other skin diseases, and a mask with ground peas and a small amount of milk will help disinfect the skin, clean it and get rid of freckles and pigmentation. Infusions from its leaves containing oxalic and citric acid, promote the removal of small stones and sand from the gallbladder and kidneys.


Having an entire arsenal of useful properties, peas are also a very nutritious and tasty product. There are many options for cooking them: salads, snacks, casseroles, mashed potatoes, cereals, soups. Peas are used both as a side dish and added to the pie filling.


To germinate and prepare delicious cereals

Net weight: 300 grams


Nutritional information per 100 g:
Energy value is 298 kcal
Proteins - 5.42 grams
Fats - 0.40 g
Carbohydrates - 14.45 g
Dietary Fibers - 5.1 g
Sodium - 5 mg
Potassium - 429 mg
Calcium - 244 mg
Iron - 1.47 mg
Copper - 0.176 mg
Selenium - 1.8 mg
Magnesium - 33 mg
Manganese - 0.410 mg
Phosphorus - 108 mg
Zinc - 1.24 mg
Vitamin A - 765 UI
Vitamin B1 - 0.266 mg
Vitamin B2 - 0.132 mg
Vitamin PP - 2,090 mg
Vitamin B5 - 0.104 mg
Vitamin B6 - 0.169 mg
Vitamin B9 - 65 μg
Vitamin C - 40.0 mg
Vitamin E - 0.13 mg
Vitamin K - 24.8 μg


Shelf life: 12 months


Certified "Eco-Control", RU-BIO-001, for compliance with eco-standards STO "Agrosofiya"


Transport packaging:
Gross weight - 12.5 kg
Dimensions - 26,5 / 45/21
The volume is 0.024 m3
Number of pieces - 36 pieces of 300 grams 

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