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Lentils contain a large amount of vegetable protein, which is easily absorbed by the body, while the contents of sulfuric amino acids and tryptophan in lentils are lower than in other legumes. Lentils contain less fat than peas and are an excellent source of iron. One portion of cooked lentils contains 90% of the recommended daily intake of folic acid. The grain of lentils has a high content of trace elements - calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, it contains manganese, copper, molybdenum, boron, iodine, cobalt, zinc, fatty acids from the group Omega-3, Omega-6, and is also a good source Vitamins of group B, contains vitamins РР, А, and germinating grains - vitamin C.


According to their nutritional properties, lentils can replace bread, cereals and, to a large extent, meat.


Some varieties of lentils, for example lentil-plate, are recommended for intake to diabetic patients 2 times a week to reduce blood sugar. Puree from lentils will help recover from ulcers of the stomach and duodenum, colitis. The content of potassium in them is good for the heart. Lentils are also a wonderful hematopoietic product. Lentil gruel stimulates metabolism, increases immunity and normalizes the work of the genitourinary system. Lentils are considered a warming food, and if cooked with spices, their warming effect is much increased. Therefore, lentils, especially soups from them, are very suitable for the winter diet of residents of northern countries.


Ingredients: red lentils groats
Net weight: 300 g

Nutritional information per 100 g of product:
Proteins - 24 g
Fats – 1,5 g
Carbohydrates - 46.3 g
Fiber - 8,9 g
Vitamin PP – 1.8 mg
Beta-carotene - 0.03 mg
Vitamin A - 5 mg
Vitamin B1 - 0.5 mg
Vitamin B2 - 0.21 mg
Potassium - 940 mg
Calcium 71 mg
Phosphorus 530 mg
Iron - 11.1 mg
Energy value: 295 kcal
Shelf life: 12 months


Certified "Eco-Control", RU-BIO-001, for compliance with eco-standards STO "Agrosofiya"


Transport packaging:

Gross weight - 12.5 kg

Dimensions - 26,5 / 45/21

The volume is 0.024 m3

Number of boxes - 36 pieces of 300 grams

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