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We are members of NP "AGROSOPHYA" , which supports environmental and biodynamic management, development of a market responsible for bio-products, and has been operating since 2003, being an all-Russian non-profit organization that unites legal entities and individuals that accept the Charter of the Partnership.


Members of the Partnership are people and organizations interested in the development of various areas of "BIO": production, processing, trade, standardization, consulting, certification, journalism, science and education, government agencies.


The Partnership has established working groups in the following areas:


  • legislative and regulatory framework;
  • eco-certification and control;
  • eco-counseling;
  • eco-marketing;
  • education;
  • soil & biodynamic preparations;
  • Informational resources;
  • agro-eco-tourism;
  • ecological seed production;
  • ecological livestock;
  • exchange of experience and internships.


Fights against pests and exist in various regions of the Russian Federation.


The main products are vegetable, fruit, cereals, legumes; wild plants (berries, nuts, mushrooms); milk and dairy products (cream, sour cream, cottage cheese, cheese); meat and meat-products (minced meat, sausages); honey; bread; coffee; herbs and spices; wine.


NP "AGROSOPHYA"is a full member of the International Federation of movements for ecological agriculture, IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movements – IFOAM).

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